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.:Past Lovers:. by NiCole4evur
.:Past Lovers:.
This was during Candice's last relationship in high school, before she met Teddy. The girl's name was Kiandria and she was a mute. So while being around her, Candice had to learn sign language in order to communicate with her. They did love each other and really clicked but an incident occurred that caused them to split up on Kiandria's parent's behalf. Candice still thinks about her and how she's doing but has no way to contact her.

P.S: Candice is from my other account, Ask-TheLoveDoctor
Arizona. When you first see the name, you’d think it is a nice and maybe even a unique name. But when I pronounce it how it is supposed to be pronounced, all of a sudden, it is ghetto and ratchet. I ain’t ratchet fo’ one thing! But I even know I do have the tendency to be a little ghetto.

​Whatever about that. Now let’s talk about who I met in the bathroom. See, what had happened was, I didn’t want to take that quiz up in Mr. Doe’s class. So I took the pass and went to the bathroom. Then I saw her. I know it sound a lil’ crazy, but God. Fo’ one thing, she was fine! She had them curves and that fluffy tail. Them eyes. That hair. DAT ASS. Second, she was ‘bout to kill hu’self! I was like ‘Gurl, you bet not do that!’ But I didn’t say that tho. I went ovah and smacked whatever the hell was in her hand! And guess what. They were pills! I didn’t know if she was a druggie or what, but she was cryin’ so I figured she was depressed and was gon’ to kill hu’self or somethin’.

​So, you know me. I’m nosey.  I tell her to sit that ass down and asked her why she was ‘bout to do that and she ain’t want to tell me. I don’ blame her, like she don’t know me like that. Then I saw her crying. I didn’t think such a pretty girl should be cryin’ like that. So I wiped her tears and shit and told her so. Jus’ when I was ‘bout to work my magic, the principal office called fo’ me. The least they coulda done was at least pronounce my name right. I swe’r they be doin’ that on purpose!

​So anyways, I had to leave and go to the principal’s office. I was mad tho, I ain’t even get her name or nothin’! I hope I get to see her again…heh, I kno’ I will, I have that feel- OHGODDAMIT.
​The girl that had walked in on the scene had a confused expression, while I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “Ah...What are you doin’?” She asked, walking over to me slowly. “You bout to…?” She pointed to my hand. I nodded slightly.
​I don’t know why I answered her. I didn’t even know the girl but for some reason, her face, her emotions, showed something that I couldn’t recognize. Not disappointment, exasperation, amusement. Something else...
​She suddenly grabbed my hand and took the small tablets out my hand and into hers. She turned around and threw them into the toilet in the open stall. She could’ve tossed them into the trash can that was sitting right next to her, but whatever. I looked at her with a bit of annoyance yet...relief...She turned around to me and pointed to the ground. “Sit.” She said with a slight stern voice. I complied with her instruction and sat on my bag. Funny, I haven’t even known the girl for five minutes and she’s already giving me directions. She leaned up against the wall and stared down at me, observing me. I fidgeted a bit, feeling uncomfortable with the eye contact. “Why? Why was you about to do that?” I looked at her oddly, noting her grammatical mistake. “I...I have my reasons...” I muttered, staring at my feet. “Hmm...a’ight, I guess. Tell me wheneva you ready to tell me.” She shrugged and set the pass she held in her hand on the ground. After sitting here in silence I started to weep quietly. I don’t know why, I guess...seeing as though someone actually cared, even a little bit. But then, she probably didn’t want to walk into a restroom and find a lifeless girl lying on the floor.
​The other girl noticed me crying and bent down, her brown eyes level with my own blue and brown ones. “Stop cryin’, boo…” She whispered, reaching up a hand to wipe away my tears. The intercom beeped and a low voice began to speak. “Arizona T. Williams, please report to the principal’s office.” The girl frowned and stared up at the speaker. “They could at least pronounce my name right. It’s Ah-Rah-Zuh-Nay! Not Arizona!” She looked back at me, smiling a sheepish smile as she stood up. “Ah, I have to go. Prob’ly bout me skipping class. See ya later!” She gave me a peck on the cheek and made her way out of the restroom. I blushed and rubbed my pink-tinted face. Well, that was unexpected..
“Hey, Alisson~!” Just ignore her and she’ll go away. “How have you been?” Do not give her your attention. “I said, ‘How have you been?” Do not acknowledge her. “I know you hear me. Answer me.” Sigh. “What? A cat got your tongue?” Why won’t this-. Suddenly I was interrupted from my thought and pulled closer to the self-proclaimed princess of the school-‘because queens are ‘old’-...Princess. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that there was zero thought put into naming her when she was born. ‘Brat’ or another five lettered word would’ve been more appropriate, if you ask me. She growled a low, malicious growl and spoke again, but more calmly. “When I speak to you, you better answer me. Got it?” I nodded slightly and pulled away. She didn’t say anything and went on. “Well, this morning, me and my girls went to go get breakfast at the lovely coffee shop across the street. But when we got there, something tragic happened...they ran out of donuts and food. And I was wondering...” She asked, putting on this, fake yet convincing innocent look. “Did you have something to do with that?” Her smile turned into a grin. Her trademark grin. That cruel…cruel…grin...
My face turned a cherry red, clearly and noticeably flustered. She cackled loudly at her joke, along with her two twin minions, Tiara and Diamond. Sigh, at least they didn’t have the stereotype ‘mean-girl’ names like Brittany, Heather or Tiffany…With a shaky voice I managed to say “G-Go away, Princess.” Tiara spoke up. “Omg, Princess, she is about to, like, totally cry!” “Oh is she? Maybe she is, like, guilty of eating all of the food!” Diamond reasoned and giggled, glancing over at me with an evil grin. One kid overheard, then another. Soon, the whole class was laughing along with Princess, chiming in with her. I gripped the notebook that rested in my hands and stood up. Without hesitation, I bolted out of the classroom, past the clueless substitute, and down the hall to the girl’s restrooms.
I know I didn’t ‘eat the food’. I know I didn’t even stop by the coffee shop today. So I don’t know why I’m getting upset. It seems as though the rich brat was able to get under my skin-err...fur.
Tears were streaming down my face continuously as I tried to blink them away and wiping my eyes frantically. I decided, without a second thought, enough was enough. I let her win this battle. I just couldn’t take the name calling, shaming and violence any more. I rummaged through my bag and found my medication for my anxiety. I quickly twisted of the cap and poured a handful into my hand. I walked over to the sink and began to run the water. As I stared at myself in the mirror, I caught the figure of somebody that had stumbled upon whatever I was doing. Oh no...


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